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ShopKeeper FAQ's

This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.

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Backing Up ShopKeeper

ShopKeeper is normally installed in a directory called SHOP.  In the SHOP directory you will find a number of files ending with DAT.  These are your current ShopKeeper data files, and these should be backed up on a daily basis, either to floppy disk, ZIP disk, or tape.

There is also a subdirectory of SHOP called MONTHS.  Every time you do a month or year end, ShopKeeper archives your DAT files in the MONTHS directory.  These are a record of your history, and are vital for reporting across a number of months or years.  Therefore, you should also make sure that you back up all of the files in the MONTHS directory at least once per month, and put this backup away (do not overwrite it).   If you have a tape backup unit or ZIP drive, set the automated backup routine to back up both the SHOP and SHOP\MONTHS directory every night.

Remember, it is not a question of if your computer will fail, but when will the computer fail.  Be prepared.

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"Network Control File Locked"

This usually occurs only on DOS/Windows 3.11 systems.   This message infers that there is not enough conventional memory for ShopKeeper to work properly.

ShopKeeper requires approx. 535K of conventional memory to perform all of its functions properly.  To check, exit to a DOS prompt, and type MEM.   Find the line that shows 'Largest Executable Program Size' - if it is less than 535K, you will need to adjust your AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files to free up more conventional memory.

It is recommended that only experienced DOS users attempt to adjust the AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files.  If you are unsure how to adjust these files, you should contact a computer consultant in your area for assistance.

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My system has frozen, there is no error message, and I cannot get out

There are a three reasons this may have happened:

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"POSTG is in use by" another computer

This means a file has become locked open, and must be released before you can continue with this operation.  To do this:

  1. Exit ShopKeeper on all computers.
  2. Exit to a DOS prompt, in the \SHOP directory (assumes \SHOP is the default ShopKeeper directory).
  3. Type DEL NET*.DAT    -> then press Enter
  4. Re-enter ShopKeeper and try the operation again.
  5. If the problem persists, shut down all computers, then turn on only the computer that has ShopKeeper installed on it.  Repeat steps 2 through 4.

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I have a big, red error box on my screen

This indicates that an error has occurred with one of your data files.  To find out what it is trying to tell you, look towards the bottom of the box.  You will see a negative number and a file name.  To find out what the number means, turn to page A5-1 of your manual.

For example, if you see the message: Error -1 cust.c [102], this means that the operation has failed because the record could not be read or written from disk properly, and that the database index does not match the database (it is not sorting properly, and needs to be rebuilt).

Follow the instructions on the screen for running the Rebuild All Data Files option.  It is IMPERATIVE that you make a backup before running Rebuild.  Failure to do so could result in permanently lost current and historical data.

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My month/year end has hung up, and will not continue

There are three major reasons that ShopKeeper may hang up during the month/year end procedure:

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Printing does not work properly under Windows 95/98

You probably have the 'Spool MSDOS Print Jobs' option turned on.  To check this:

You should be able to print normally now.

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