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The Software Clinic has been providing quality computer products and services to North America for 15 years, and continues to provide custom programming solutions to all aspects of the business world.

When a project calls for specialized assistance, THE SOFTWARE CLINIC experts will work side-by-side with you to ensure your satisfaction.   Whether you need complete project leadership or just some advice, our staff is on hand to assist you when and where you need us.  THE SOFTWARE CLINIC can serve as a company’s Information Systems division or as an invaluable resource for your in-house computer specialist.

As an Information Systems division, we work on a cost effective contract basis, thus eliminating the need for extra personnel.  Businesses both large and small can benefit from our specialized assistance.  In addition, we will coordinate with management to provide the software, training or program support your business needs.  Whatever your objectives, the professionals at THE SOFTWARE CLINIC are prepared to assist you.

Entrepreneurs and consultants no longer need to become experts in a variety of applications.  THE SOFTWARE CLINIC can provide services such as a complete database or spreadsheet system designed to keep track of your valuable information.  Existing databases are easily adjusted to allow menu systems, automated tabulations, input screens or personalized reports to be added without affecting your data.   Mr_Olson_very_small.JPG (5282 bytes)

          . . . leading businesses into tomorrow!


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457 Water Street, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada  K9H 3M2 Phone (705) 743-9587 - Fax (705) 743-0757  
email: tsc@tsc.on.ca